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You’re busy. Focus on what matters and leave the content to me. With experience at FOX, AAA, VH1 and everything in between, I’ll find the words that readers love and search engines adore.


Blog Strong, Blog Often

Companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5X more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all.

Isn’t This Blogging Thing Over?

Uh, not even close. Raise your brand awareness; position yourself as an authority in your industry; make your business approachable; get people to transact with you. Blogging delivers maximum ROI.

Have a blogging or content emergency?

Whether you lost your entire editorial staff, are up against an absurd deadline, or are simply tired of watching the competition steal your lunch money with awesome content, we are here to help.

We work with businesses of all sizes to create stellar content. Your level of involvement is up to you.

There has never been a better time to hire someone to handle your content strategy and article creation.

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  • Leah
    "Working with Andrew was easy and seamless. He delivers consistent quality content."
    A Great Asset to Our Marketing Team
    Leah Faul, CEO of 15,000 Cubits
  • Jenna
    "Always delivers our projects on time, has a great appreciation for the art and science that is blending business writing with SEO needs, and is able to work independently on deadlines."
    An Amazing Freelance Writer
    Jenna Weinerman, Marketing Director, Updater
  • 5
    "Andrew always writes engaging content that drives visitors to our site, while maintaining deadlines and being a pleasure to work with."
    Very Impressed With His Writing Abilities
    Irina Barskiy, Flatrate Movers
  • 5
    “Andrew is absolutely first class. I found him to be reliable and hard working. He’s personable, friendly, and flexible. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a clever freelance writer.”
    Creative and Entertaining
    Nathan Preheim, COO, Kugler Vision
  • 5
    “Andrew is creative, intelligent and does what he says he will do when he says he will do it."
    Helped Us Attract Clients
    Sharyn Crown, Sothebys Pacific Realty

Freelance Blogger Corner

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    I provide blogging services as a freelance blogger for dozens of companies.  And you can too. If you are looking to hire a blogger to help grow your business, contact me.  If you are a blogger who is looking for advice on how to land a blogging gig, read on! 817. That’s how many people applied to a recent job posting seeking a part-time blogger for my career advice blog Do you know how many people stood out from the pack and grabbed my attention? SIX! […]
  • freelance writerHire a Freelance Writer Who Stays Motivated
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    As a freelance writer and corporate blogger, my calendar is pretty full. But that’s the way I like it. I enjoy juggling concurrent assignments, a family, and countless other responsibilities that eat away at the clock. But I never lose sight of what’s important to our clients. THEIR PROJECT. And rightfully so. The way I manage it all is by staying motivated…and hungry. Without discipline and will, your dreams and ambitions never come to life, turning even the best intentions […]
  • pizzaHow Did I Become a Professional Blogger? Sometimes I Blog Like Pizza
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    How did I become a professional blogger? I’m glad you asked. It’s actually pretty simple. I try to make each blog post like pizza. Not like the fake crap you get from those international chains, but like a large, filling, somewhat greasy slice of authentic New York pizza. Here’s why. Pizza is quick and convenient. Whether you choose to fold your slice down the middle or opt for a fork and a knife (don’t judge!), eating pizza is easy. There’s less chewing than a steak and […]
  • Ask QuestionsLooking to Hire a Blogger? Ask These Questions First!
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    If you are looking to hire a blogger or a freelance content strategist, here are the questions you should ask before hiring anyone. Can you show me examples of your blogging success? How long have you been blogging for? The best bloggers will have a proven track record of writing compelling content, creating backlinks, and growing website traffic. You should evaluate the quality of their writing and seek out client testimonials as part of the vetting process. Is a blogger a writer? A writer a […]
  • freelance bloggerWhy Owning a Dog Makes Me a Better Freelance Blogger
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    Before hiring a freelance blogger, you should make sure they own a dog. Seriously. Pet ownership is an essential part of being a top blogger. 🙂 My fox-like dog gets away with murder, but he gives me plenty in return. Not only does he fill my heart with joy, but he makes me a better blogger. That’s right, my four-legged Shiba Inu Kenji is sometimes my muse. […]

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